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Tongue Awareness=Masterful Accent

Good morning. Lockdown protocols are getting more stringent in Europe, President-elect Joe Biden launched a rescue package and software bellwether SAP predict a tough first half. Here’s more news on what’s moving markets. Extended Lockdowns France will extend the curfew set across the country as it attempts to stem the number of Covid infections and […]
Pronunciation of “Earnings Growth” Schwa+r /ɚ/ is characterised as an r-controlled vowel. The way to pronounce /ɚ/ in  /ˈɝː.nɪŋzɡroʊθ/ (earnings growth) is as follows: raise the back of the tongue so the back tongue sides touch the inside of the back molars. Definition Earnings growth refers to the annual rate at which a financial instrument […]
Inflation definition Inflation is characterised by the rate at which prices for goods and services increase. In the US, the Federal Reserve sets the federal funds rate. The interest rate is based on this federal funds rate. The Federal Funds Rate is the interest rate determined by the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) where member […]
How can you reduce your accent and improve your American English? German native speakers tend to have an oral posture characterised by a tight lip. If you pay attention to their mouths when speaking, their lips come together and they show less teeth, compared to American speaking. Watch my best impression of German curse words […]
The English alphabet is a scam! I say so because it is non-phonetic meaning the letters will trick you- they will be spelt in another way than you might think. For example take the word about. Instead of əˈbaʊt (UH-BOUT) learners are likely to say æbaʊt (AH-BOUT). Vowel Chart So there is a very subtle […]
Chinese speakers have problems with vowel sounds in English because the modern Chinese alphabet – the Pinyin– is phonetic meaning they should be pronounced the way they look. As a consequence, instead of əˈbaʊt they are likely to say æbaʊt. That’s AH-bout instead of UH-bout. Now there is a very subtle difference in tongue movement […]
The height of the jaw increases as you pronounce the vowel sounds in the words of this GIF: The jaw height changes depending on the vowel you are articulating. Enter vowel chart, the secret weapon for perfecting your English accent on the condition that your tongue height and position hit the coordinates: The vowel chart […]
Listen to this melody. In which position is your tongue when you sing/say the sounds? By the way the sounds are u: in typhoon ( taɪˈfuːn) and ɔː like oo in floor (flɔːr). 🎶 There are three choices: tongue towards the back tongue is flat tongue is towards the front. Close your eyes, sing along […]
There are three central vowel sounds to watch out for. ə (sighing sound uh), ʌ(as in pizza hut) s and ɑː (card). The tongue is more or less in a flat position for pronouncing these central vowel sounds. You can become mindful of your tongue position by conjuring up an imaginative phrase that contains these […]